Natural Treatments & Mother Nature

We use natural treatments and nature’s ability to heal; employing methods such as Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Hydrotherapy, Flower Remedies and Iridology. The use of natural treatments is becoming increasingly popular and these days. It has been reported widely that antibiotics are have become less effective due to overuse and the subsequent super resistant bugs. It will be therefore no surprise to anyone that natural methods and natural healing are being sought more often by all health professionals, including conventional medicine.

All of the therapies and treatments shown here support your general health and constitution. Everyone who stays with the treatment improves. Herbal medicines work in a gentle and subtle way. The effects are beneficial and long lasting.

Todays modern technology and environmental pollution, poor diet, and stress play a increasingly significant role in damaging your health.

Getting the right kind of food into the body to supply and sustain the vital health processes will make you feel well. So often when one eats the wrong foods; ones we are allergic to, health problems arise. We aim to advise you which foods to avoid and the ones to stimulate health. One’s food quality determines whether one stays healthy or not. Some foods are allergic to an individual, e.g. tomatoes when a person has arthritis, or allergy to gluten.

The use of water to support tissue healing. Hydrotherapy uses hot and cold water treatments; in showers, baths, steaming, compresses and packs. For instance everyone knows we apply a cold pack for a bruise and that immersion in hot bath is very relaxing.

Flower remedies are happy healers. They are uplifting to our emotions, and can rid the negative stresses and worry patterns which pull us down. Flower remedies may be included in the treatment at no extra cost to you. Flower essences and flower remedies, are herbal infusions made from the flowering part of the plants, which will address emotional and mental aspects of wellness.

Iridology is used at this clinic as a method of diagnosis. Iridology is diagnosis from the eyes. Your eyes mirror your health: your constitution shows in your eyes, how strong or weak your organs are, and the amount of immunity you possess. Eye colour is also important because some colours show toxins in the body; and where these are located. Herbal medicines and food can help remove such poisons and toxins, and improve your health. We look into the eyes with a light and a microscope to analyse the conditions present. Analysis of your health determines the tissue state not diseases.

Herbal medicine is your personalised treatment, and it works on the body and mind. Herbs have a deep healing effect upon the organ structures and tissues. Herbs are used in many forms to help you feel better. Herbs are prescribed as a fluid medication. Sometimes a herbal tea is recommended. There may be a topical cream if it were a skin condition.

We have rheumatic liniments; also inhalations for chest conditions. Relief from the symptoms is possible in a very short time. A tailored prescription is made up to your personal requirements, and there is usually a speedy improvement from starting treatment. We ask that you follow all our advice for a speedy recovery.

For further information on Herbal Medicine see our main Herbal Medicine page.