Herbal Medicine Keys to Physiomedicalism & Pharmacopoeia 3rd ed.

Herbalists Medicine Reference Book by Christopher Menzies-Trull

ISBN-13: 978-0-9545518-6-5

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This Herbalists Medicine Reference Book is an authoritative clinical text. Herbal medicine uses and practices book for professionals, including a comprehensive range of herbal recipes. A completely revised 3rd edition, comprising 734 pages in an A4 hardback format. Bringing together modern scientific theory and conventional herbal practice with philosophical balance — an invaluable Herbal Medicine Book for the professional herbalists’ bookshelf.

This Herbalists Medicine Reference Book is a comprehensive reference book and practical reference manual for herbalists, physicians, nurses, and health professionals. The ultimate text of clinical conditions and their treatment using Herbal Medications, a book for herbalists written by a herbalist.

“Bringing together modern scientific theory and conventional herbal practice”

There are 40 Chapters with clear descriptions, including the Aetiology of disease, Herbal Pharmacy, Typology, How to get the patient better, and Emergency Herbal Medicine. It offers a realistic approach to treatment and is full of prescriptions (including from older works), nutritional advice and herbal medicines for most health conditions.

“Setting Pharmacopoeal standards”

Further Details

This 3rd edition has an extra 1784 research citations and 64 pages. Older and what appeared to be outdated philosophical knowledge has been freshly evidenced and revised with newer research citations. Included is additional research on herbal infusion extraction of constituents and updated herbal activity against infections with referencing. There are new sections in the immunology chapter with expanded explanations on the use of tissue cleansers. The Dermatology chapter has a new ‘skin disorder locator’. The topical application of ‘Salves’ ( pastes) is new in the Oncology chapter. Herbal Pharmacology has added research and detail. Neurology has new perspectives on organ disease and how organs affect emotions and feelings. Finally, physiomedical philosophy has a significant update with bio-photon and vibrational activity causing contraction in the DNA. Documented within this book are some original concepts.

Contents: Herbal Medicine Reference Book

  • Over 734 pages contain information explaining which herbs to give to any syndrome.
  • Easy to access Pharmacopoeia of detailed information on 419 herbal medicines.
  • There is updated practice knowledge in an easy-to-understand language. Essential for anyone prescribing and researching herbal medicines.
  • 40 chapters that include clear descriptions of Aetiology, Herbal Pharmacy, Typology, Emergency Herbal Medicine, Tropical diseases and herbal medication. Potent oncology, Auto-immune disease – medicines. Pathology, Prognosis, Herbal Pharmacology, Urine analysis. Each chapter links with the herbal approach to treatment.
  • Principles of Herbal medicine, and what to do when a prescription fails. Treatment of chronic cases.
  • Clinical conditions of every body system and their herbal and naturopathic treatments.
  • Naturopathy: Nutrition, Hydrotherapy, Fasting, Compress, Medicated baths, Fever treatment.
  • Nutrition – vitamin, mineral and trace element sources, doses and usage.
  • Tissue salts and flower remedies.