Book cover for Herbal Medicine Keys to Physiomedicalism including Pharmacopoeia

Herbal Medicine Keys to Physiomedicalism & Pharmacopoeia, 2nd ed.

Herbalists Medical Reference Book by Christopher Menzies-Trull

ISBN-10: 0954551826

ISBN-13: 978-0954551827

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Herbal Medicine Keys to Physiomedicalism including Pharmacopoeia, is an authoritative clinical text. A herbalists medical reference book that is a completely revised 2nd edition, comprising 669 pages in an A4 hardback format. Bringing together modern scientific theory and conventional herbal practice with philosophical balance. An invaluable Herbal Medicine Book for the professional herbalists bookshelf.

This Herbalists Medical Reference Book is a comprehensive and practical reference manual for herbalists, physicians, nurses, and health professionals. The ultimate text of clinical conditions and their treatment using Herbal Medications, a book for herbalists written by a herbalist.

The chapters explain health conditions with nutritional, hydro-therapeutic and herbal treatments; they are itemised in fine detail. Basic concepts and explanations are given to enable easy learning. The writer has spent many years creating a work encompassing tradition, older and newer research models and clinical treatments. Practical descriptions of the conditions and herbal pathology help the reader to acquire knowledge and put it to use
instantly. A very large Herbal Pharmacopoeia of 420 herbal medicines in exquisite detail gives the prescriber everything a professional needs from a herbalists medical reference book, no other books are required as this one book has the required research from all the major works known.

There are 41 Chapters with clear descriptions including: Aetiology of disease, Herbal Pharmacy, Typology, How to get the patient better, Emergency Herbal Medicine.

Contents Comprise

Part One: Philosophy and Practice  •  Health conditions with Herbal, Naturopathic and Nutritional treatments with prescriptions • Pharmacology and Herbal Pharmacy

Part Two:   Pharmacopoeia of 413 finely detailed Herbal Medicine monographs Detailed remedy locators with extensive information:  •  Remedy title [botanical and English names] Constituents  •  Herbal activity  •  Medicinal indications • Tissue conditions  •  Cautions  •  Preparations  •  External uses  •  Dosage and mode of application.  References  • Research

Part Three:   Emergency Herbal Medicine and Pyrexia.