Book cover for Herbalists’ Prescriber

The Herbalists’ Prescriber (3rd Edition)

Herbalists’ dispensary handbook by Christopher Menzies-Trull

ISBN-10: 0954551842

ISBN-13: 978-0954551841

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The Herbalists’ Prescriber is  a herbalists dispensary handbook that is intended as an an aid and reference book for all professional herbalists. It is a quick reference book, designed as a reminder for prescribing of the remedies. A concise, updated and revised desktop guide. An invaluable aid to memory for professional herbalists. It includes posology doses and prescriptions and intensively detailed remedy locator with system treatments.

An invaluable Herbal Medicine Book. It is a pharmacopoeia of 415 herbal medicines. Comprising 22 Chapters with a total of 318 pages. With over 200 herbs, their main activity and dosage, this book provides instant references when prescribing herbal medicines.

Used a clinical guide for herbal dispensary. each chapter gives a list of herbal medicines for the organ systems. There are also prescription suggestions and a formulary of tried and trusted formulations within each chapter. The pharmacopoeia lists all the popular medicines prescribed in practice.


[1] The Extracellular Matrix Stroma

[2] Ophthalmology & Aurology medications

[3] Respiratory medicine medications

[4] Cardiology & vascular system medications

[5] Endocrinology medications

[6] Gastro-enterology: Mouth, Tongue and Throat medications

[7] Splenic medications

[8] Urology medications

[9] Immunology medications

[10] Neurology medications

[11] Dermatology including hair and nail medications 

Contents (cont.)

[12] Rheumatology medication

[13] Obstetrics and Gynaecology medications

[14] Paediatrics and Breast Feeding

[15] Tropical Disease/Helminthic Infection/Parasitic Disease

[16] Geriatric medicine

[17] Herbal and Naturopathic Oncology medications

[18] Pyrexia

[19] Active compounds in plants

[20] Herbal Pharmacy

[21] Herbal Pharmacology

[22] Pharmacopoeia of herbal medicines