Initially a consultation will last one hour; they will always be naturopathic in approach. A one to one consultation with Christopher gives you time to talk about those pressing issues. During the consultation a physical examination is carried out as appropriate e.g. pulse, blood pressure, tongue and nails and iridology (iris diagnosis). Any changes needed to aid your recovery will also be discussed. With diagnosis and treatment, relief from the symptoms of ill health is possible in a very short time. A tailored and balanced health plan is made for your personal requirements; there is usually improvements within a matter of weeks.

While a consultation can be by-passed with a do-it-yourself concoction bought from the shop. I have found that people need to talk about their health issues. Health can be a bit like an iceberg, where most of the symptoms are hidden and on a deeper level. Some symptoms may appear unrelated, or only the surface symptom may be apparent. If you were, for example, feeling depressed and anxious; a shop bought herbal preparation might give some relief but may not address the root cause. One patient came to see me with their household remedies in a bag. There were 25 supplements in the bag, 22 of these supplements were not needed at all. So I saved the patient a lot of money by taking away the unnecessary supplements. Each case is different of course, but spending time talking about the health problem can be cleansing, empowering, and allow the therapist to correctly diagnose the underlying issues.

Did you know that a disorder resulting from bodily organs malfunction e.g the liver or pancreas, could cause you to feel depressed? So the treatment here is also for a liver or pancreatic remedy to be used. The effects of food can be supportive or detrimental as well. So the quality and the times food eaten, need to be taken into account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I have a health assessment or check-up ?

The first consultation is a general health check-up; it includes a blood pressure and pulse check. The circulation is checked together with organ function analysis etc. Urine and your thyroid gland are checked.

What happens during a consultation ?

The first one to one consultation lasts one hour. Follow up treatments or visits are 30 minutes. There is a charge for each consultation and subsequent treatment. Iridology is included as part of the consultation; there is no extra to pay. Naturopathic approach & nutrition advice is part of the treatment process. Please call or email for current pricing.

How do you differ from a doctor ?

All of our treatments are natural. Medical herbalists do not use synthetic drugs, and know when a condition needs treating by a Doctor or other professional.

Does herbal medicine really work ?

Herbal medicine can be very effective for long-term, chronic conditions. Herbal medicine can treat almost any condition that you might take to the doctors. Conditions such as skin problems, digestive disorders, heart and circulation, and female health and hormones.

Can I still take my prescription medication ?

The tablets given by the doctor are often necessary. Herbs can be taken alongside these tablets. We check the current research to find if there are any issues combining the two, and ask that you let us know what you are taking.

Can I rearrange an appointment ?

Yes. By prior arrangement with two days notice. Late cancellations may be charged, so please make a point in your diary.

When are you open ?

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm. Saturday & Sunday: Closed

How long will I need to continue treatment ?

This varies from person to person and does depend on the condition and age of the individual I am treating. Because we trteat the cause of your symptoms, patients may be needed.