Case Studies

Case studies can introduce you to new thought patterns and ideas about the kind of help you need. Understanding why someone chose a natural path to healing is highly beneficial when choosing a route to achieving better health. Identities have been hidden to preserve professional and personal confidentiality.

We have selected a variety of typical case studies that have been successfully treated by Christopher at Rainbow Herbs. With the necessary self help tools, these case studies demonstrate how our services could work for you. 

With our guidance and direction, you too can begin to help yourself on the road back to better health. 

Persistent headaches

‘My headaches eased considerably with the herbal treatment’. Ben late 40’s
Ben attended our clinic because of his persistent headaches. The pain would be at the front and back of his head. His headaches were described as splitting. They lasted many hours, sometimes he would wake with the pain. Some days he could not work due to pain. Ben was a busy man running his own business and the loss of income because of the headaches was unacceptable. Working to the clock and meals were often eaten late or rushed. Ben also suffered with gas and tummy bloating. The digestion is often associated with health issues and requires attention when discovered to be faulty. Ben’s gas was excessive; this was treated along with the headaches. If there is a lot of gas then it may cause headaches.

Treatment plan

Condition:  As a herbalist and naturopath I consider the nutrition worthy of attention. Advice was given to eat meals at regular intervals and to eat slowly. Making sure that food is chewed well so that the body’s enzymes can act upon it. Rushed meals mean that air would be swallowed, leading to bloating and tummy pain. One of the commonest causes for childhood tummy pain is wind.

Herbal medicine

  • Passionflower herb
  • Aniseeds

The Passionflower was given to relax the muscles and calm the nervous system. Passionflower has a selective action upon the brain nerves, which it relaxes. We have used it for Ben to ease the pain.
Aniseeds are carminative; they ease gas by popping the gas bubbles in the stomach and relaxing the tummy muscles.


A talk with Ben at his follow-up appointment showed that there was an improvement. Perhaps not as much as was initially hoped for but there was a stressful experience which accounted for that. The gas had cleared completely. A short while later on the headache strength had lessened. Ben found that the headaches were generally less frequent than before treatment.

Mood swings

Jane is in her early 40’s; she came to see me regarding the mood swings she was experiencing. These mood swings were worse during the pre-menstrual period. There were other symptoms as well; tender breasts, increased appetite and food cravings. Her sleep pattern was erratic which made her feel tired. Upon analysis hormone disturbance was diagnosed.
Premenstrual syndrome is a label that is attached to the symptoms occurring before the menstrual period. Hormone disturbance with reduction in the levels is suspect with this symptom picture. Much suffering with the nerves, feelings and the fertility cycle could be avoided if herbal medicines were taken. The hormones and nervous system would be balanced with the herbal prescription. The symptoms described will ease with a varied programme of treatment.

Treatment plan

Condition:  As a herbalist and naturopath my treatments are extensive. For the mood swings exercise is a factor as exercise will support the hormonal re-balance and help burn up stress hormones. Food quality and types of food may require a modification. For instance; foods which contain plenty of magnesium may help. Magnesium is a nerve and muscle calmer. It is used to ease pain and discomfort. Some magnesium sources are: apples, green leafy vegetables; watercress is very good and walnuts.

Herbal medicine

  • St John’s Wort
  • Chaste Tree

The St John’s Wort is given for the mood swings and to lift the feelings up. It’s a happy remedy for mood swings.
Acting upon the pituitary, Chaste tree makes the hormones act properly and as they re-balance, the mood improves along with the stress associated with hormonal imbalance.


A talk with Jane at her follow-up appointment showed that there was an improvement. Perhaps not as much as was initially hoped for but it may take 4 weeks to notice improvement; this is due to the fertility cycle of 30/32 days. The mood had lifted quit quickly and noticeably.


Jack had noticed a white ring in both his eyes. Often people would reassure him, telling it was nothing to worry about. He was concerned it might be a real problem. Could anything be done about it? Jack always felt the cold. When he was seen we took a detailed history and had a look at the eyes, using a microscope. The eyes did have a white ring around the outside of the coloured part [the iris] of both eyes. The ring is called a cholesterol ring and it lies in the circulatory area of the iris, according to Iridology. A cholesterol ring means that the blood vessels are getting clogged up. It would be helpful to the health and the circulation if a programme of restorative treatment was undertaken.

Treatment plan

Movement, hydrotherapy, nutritional and herbal methods were prescribed to reduce cholesterol and aid Jack’s recovery. Walking and movement, encourages the circulation and helps move the blood around the body. Hydrotherapy is water therapy, and a cold splash after a shower stimulates the circulation and the blood stream. This helps to make the person feel warmer. You should try it, you will feel the difference. Nutritional support includes eating more onions, green and leafy vegetables to help make the blood thinner and reduce bad cholesterol. Herbal methods included Ginger root and Rosemary herb.


When the circulation shows signs of slowing and coldness becomes part of the daily life improvement is required as it tends to get worse without treatment. The white ring may never go away but rest assured that you are doing something about the causes of the white ring. Treatment needs always, to be aware of the need to treat the cause as well as the effects of a condition. The plan need to be long term, as such it was designed to help the blood circulation to the body, legs, eyes and the brain. It was found quite soon after starting treatment that Jack benefited from a common sense multi-therapeutic approach.