Rainbow Herbs uses a Naturopathic approach to assess which treatment will best suit your needs. We use a wide variety of “natural” treatments, such as: herbalism, Iridology, nutrition, hydrotherapy and lifestyle counselling.

With the correct diagnosis and treatment, relief from the symptoms of ill health is possible in a very short time. A tailored health plan is made for your personal requirements. There is usually significant health improvement within a matter of weeks.

Herbs have been used for medicine for thousands of years. Remedies that are chosen to support your body’s healing processes may be taken alongside conventional medicine. Herbal treatments gets to the root cause of the problem.

Health – Your Most Important Priority

Rainbow Herbs practice in Newcastle-under-Lyme, offers a naturopathic approach to your health and healing requirements. Our natural healing services include: Herbal MedicineNutrition, Iridology, Hydrotherapy & Flower Essences. The one hour consultation allows us to diagnose, treat and prescribe herbal medications, health and healing programmes.

I stock a wide variety of western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs at my Staffordshire practice. I can medically prescribe for your requirements various potions & lotions, including: Infusions / Herbal Teas, Nutritional Supplements, Syrups, Powders, Capsules, Herbal Creams, Ointments and Oils. We can also prepare herbal teas, made as a dry mix for you to take away.